Upgrade Your Bun-less Burger

I had a fabulous dinner yesterday. I also made it from leftovers. I’m a big believer in not wasting food. There are people going hungry everywhere and I spend a lot of money on good quality foods and hate to waste money. So earlier in the week I made a pot roast with roasted root vegetables, golden beets, turnips and sweet potatoes. When I was putting away my leftovers from my pot roast I strained the cooking liquids into a Pyrex container. Those juices are full of joint healing gelatin and muscle recovering amino acids. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it but I know I can always freeze it and use it for the next pot roast if nothing else. Anyway, I had some ground beef, those leftover juices and those leftover vegetables. What’s a girl to do? I whipped up the root vegetables in the food processor–instant fast side dish. I love a good red wine glaze so into a saucier went my beef jus and about a quarter cup of red wine. I let those reduce down to a syrupy consistency; it should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. This is a rich beautiful sauce, suitable for your favorite steak, short rib or back on that pot roast. I then pan seared my burger patties and cooked them to my desired doneness (medium). Plating is key here. Put your whipped veg down, top with your burger and drizzle the sauce over the burger and veg. I opted to garnish it with some spring onions I picked up at the farmers market earlier in the week.


I served the meal with my already infamous kale salad. I’ll post the recipe for that tomorrow.


Here’s everything I ate yesterday.

Breakfast scramble with free range eggs, chicken, spinach and tomato at a new restaurant near me, Dish Society. They focus on local sustainable ingredients. This is a restaurant I can get behind.

Lunch- leftover Mexican shredded chicken with spicy salsa.

You already saw my dinner.

Movie snack-raisins and shelled pistachios. I watched Master with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Great movie and a great talent.


Breakfast? Dinner? Blurred Lines…

imageI have been known to spend a pretty penny on olive oil in the past but lately I have been trying to watch my grocery budget a bit more.  I don’t ever really cook with olive oil but rather use it as a salad dressing and finishing oil for extra richness to dishes.  The reason for this is that although olive oil is a healthy fat, when it is exposed to high heat the fats composition changes into something not so healthy.  I won’t get into the science of it but you can read more about that here.  Today I found a delicious well priced extra virgin olive oil from Uruguay.  It was full of that rich olive flavor you’d expect from a high quality olive oil but the price was that of a bargain brand, 500ml for $13.99.  Tip: Don’t always buy Italian or Spanish olive oil, instead look for local, domestic (California produces great olive oil) or olive oil produced outside the typical regions you expect like the one I found today.  Now, I didn’t just find this blindly, the grocery store I shop at was sampling it as one of their ‘foodie finds’ but don’t be afraid to take a risk.  For that price it’s worth the gamble.

Now let’s get on to dinner…or was it breakfast?  Breakfast for dinner is where it’s at…quick, nutritious and delicious.  I had some leftover roast chicken that needed to be used up today so I decided to make a chicken sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg.  I had previously pulled the leftover chicken from the bone so that was ready to go.  I chopped the sweet potato small (with a good knife this is faster than grating), fried that up with some scallion, salt and pepper in a little reserved bacon grease and when the potatoes were cooked through I tossed in the roast chicken to warm through.  After dividing the hash among our dinner plates I fried the eggs in the same pan.  I wanted to get some green in there too so I chopped some Atkinson Farms beet greens and tossed those with my new favorite olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  I served these raw as a side dish. Topped with sliced avocado and left over green scallions this dinner was a crowd pleaser.  With a few Atkinson Farms strawberries for a sweet finish this was a really perfect Paleo meal.  My total cooking time was 20 minutes.