Starting over

I need to start over…again. I started this blog as a way to keep myself accountable and share tips and tricks that I use to stay on track. I love the way I feel when I eating clean but the sugar monster is always there lurking, waiting for me to waver. Yesterday I ate pancakes. Perfect blueberry pancakes with crispy edges and drippy, sticky syrup. Real food porn. They were delicious and I’d like to say I don’t regret it but I do. I’m off the wagon and I need to tell on myself after struggling with the decision to omit my weakness and go on like nothing happened. Honestly this has been creeping up, I guess, since the Valentines day box of gourmet chocolate that I justified because it was a holiday. I thought, it’s ok, they are artisan, locally made chocolates that my honey got me as a gift. Right? Wrong! Really, if I’m having to “justify” my food choices I’m probably doing something wrong just as in any area of my life. I believe it triggered my sugar addiction in a big way. Now I’m going to go back to writing the blog only when I really have something worthy to share and not just pics of every morsel of food I eat. I’m feeling uninspired and frustrated. This isn’t going to be the ‘perfect’ Paleo blog because I will never be perfect and I’d hate to be fake. The end.