I’m Calling it a Win!

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I always have the best of intentions to how I plan to eat. I rarely plan a cheat, except when I’m on vacation and just want to enjoy my time and taste all the flavors of the community I’m visiting. Even then I’m not planning a big ole cheat meal; it just happens that way. So I started Valentine’s Day with a special treat of one chocolate covered strawberry with breakfast which was my intended ‘cheat’ for the day. The rest of the day went great and I got in a couple great workouts with friends and even got some sunshine on my winter sun starved skin. I ate light in anticipation of my steak dinner with my family later. We had a 5:15pm reservation and in past years we are usually in and out at this particular restaurant before the Valentines day rush hits. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken into consideration that it was Friday and in the past it had been mid week. So I ordered the dry aged, Prime, NY Strip steak with the truffle poached lobster and caviar accompaniment. Well…my dinner came just as the kids were done eating (30 minutes after we ordered), no lobster, no caviar, cooked to medium well instead of medium rare. There was no time to get another steak because the kids were getting restless. They did send out a tiny two bite morsel of lobster which I ate with the steakhouse-sized side of steamed asparagus. I was starved an hour later. I had a box of artisan chocolates courtesy of my wonderful husband. I will not disclose how many of them I ate, but they are tiny and me and my husband shared them. My rules and I’m calling my day of eating a success. I did not overeat and hey…I had to carb load for my peak run today for The Woodlands Half Marathon in two weeks, so the chocolates are an approved necessity.

Here’s the rest of my food.


Two free range eggs and Shiner Farms pork sausage and a chocolate covered strawberry!

Post workout early ‘lunch’- leftover Mexican shredded chicken with avocado and spicy salsa.

Smoothie from Big and Juicy Juice Bar inside Big Yoga, post 75 minute heated power flow. Vegan, raw, paleo, etc.

Artisan chocolate assortment from Araya. I highly recommend them.


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